Swiss Perfect 98

Important: In some cases your Internet browser may not report any errors despite the download failing (being incomplete). Swiss Perfect's setup may still appear to be working but will display a strange behaviour, for example asking for an installation diskette. Unfortunately, you will have to retry the download in such a case.  Check the size of your download against the values given below next to each version.

Evaluation Period for Swiss Perfect 98

If you want to try a fully functional version of Swiss Perfect 98, time limited to 30-days, download build 415b below and enter the text Evaluation Only when the program asks for the user's name (leave the "key" field empty). 

Registration for Evaluation Period

Click No when the program asks whether you have purchased a licence yet.

If you find the program useful, please purchase a licence and support further development of our tournament management software.

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oSwiss Perfect 98, build 415b English (775,270 bytes)

Swiss Perfect 98 distribution consists of just one file (setup98eng.exe) which you will execute on your PC (after you have downloaded it). It will install Swiss Perfect 98 on your Windows machine.

Swiss Perfect 98 distributions have been created using SetUp Factory 4 that has been kindly donated by IndigoRose Corp.  

  Swiss Perfect 2.4 for DOS (freeware)

oSwiss Perfect 2.4 for DOS ( 97,950 bytes, zipped) - freeware

Swiss Perfect 2.4 is an old DOS version of Swiss Perfect. It may still be satisfactory for some users.

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